The Vanden Bussche Learning Centre - Celebrating 20 Years

The Vanden Bussche Irrigation learning centre is a working farm located only 7 minutes down the road from our VBI headquarters in Delhi, Ontario.

Here at the farm, clients can see first-hand the new irrigation technology at work. We hold Irrigation Demo Days and host multiple association events throughout the year to give our customers an inside look into what we are working on. The farm also provides a great space for us to become familiar with new technologies and test new trends so we can better advise customers on irrigation best-practices. It is something that we feel makes us unique and sets us apart from competitors.

A few examples of work at the farm include Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Corn and Turf, Diesel Engine Irrigation Pumps, Mirage Turf Rotor Irrigation, Lateral Move Pivot Irrigation, Bauer Traveller Irrigation, Center Pivot Irrigation, Wade Rain Power Irrigation, Rain Bird Golf Rotor Irrigation and Soil Moisture Sensing… Something for everyone!

This year, we’re excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary of the Vanden Bussche Irrigation learning centre! We’re extremely grateful to have this space that allows us to continue to be industry leaders, always staying up to date and experts on the newest and best products.

Check it out HERE!