We guarantee what nature cannot: Water. Whenever and wherever it's needed.

Vanden Bussche Irrigation was established in 1954, with a sole focus on agriculture irrigation. Over the nearly 70 years in business, we operate with over 100 years of combined education and experience in the agriculture and irrigation market. Everything from drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation, pivots, travellers and other means of overhead irrigation, we pride ourselves in the knowledge and quality service we can offer to our customers.  Although we are proud to have expanded our industries over the years, to include wholesale landscape sales and golf irrigation, our roots began in the agriculture market.

Time to Update Your Farming Irrigation System?

Our experts share some options & insight on considerations when planning for that overdue irrigation upgrade on your farm.

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Vanden Bussche Irrigation Learning Centre

The Vanden Bussche learning centre is a working farm where clients can see first-hand the new irrigation technology at work. It also allows us to become familiar with new technologies and test new trends so we can better advise you on irrigation best-practices.

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Used Equipment

Everyone loves a good deal! But you shouldn't be worried if the product will perform the way you need it too. Don't leave anything to chance, all of our used equipment is thoroughly inspected by our highly trained staff. It's the smart way to buy used equipment!

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