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Kifco Features

Kifco Water-Reels are compact and easy to maneuver, either by hand for short distances or towed by a garden tractor / small utility vehicle.


  • Often can be operated from a municipal water supply without need for a pump.

  • Optional booster pump for low pressure situation.

  • Kifco Water-Reels are equipped with a unique automatic shut down system that not only stops the reel’s rewind, you can also choose to shut off the sprinkler automatically at the end of the run.

  • Make the thrifty choice for your irrigation needs, Kifco Water-Reels may be used to water several sites and fields and are built right to provide many years of service.

  • Kifco Water-Reels are designed and manufactured in Illinois and feature a heavy duty chassis, quality steel stabilizer legs, drum core & sides constructed with solid rolled steel, hard wearing medium density polyethylene tubing with UV inhibitor and precision machined level wind for uniform coiling.

  • Simple to operate:

    • Set the machine at the end of the field with stabilizer legs down

    • Connect the sprinkler cart to a garden tractor and pull to the other end of the field

    • Turn on the machine to water.