Community Involvement

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we are fully committed to enriching the lives of all our stakeholders.  One is the local community that many of our customers and employees call home, Norfolk County.  Through the years, Vanden Bussche Irrigation has truly become one of the philanthropic leaders in the community with these efforts.  Although the company has grown to be a national leader within our industry, the commitment to support our roots in Norfolk County has never been stronger.


Delhi Junior C Travellers Hockey Team

Team Sponsor since: 1993

Vanden Bussche Irrigation has been the proud sponsor of Delhis Junior C hockey team since 1993.  Hockey is a classic Canadian pasttime, it has the power to passionately unite the local community, it is an honour to partner with this organization.  The club has had some great seasons and some not so great; but the camaraderie of the organization has never waned.  At Vanden Bussche Irrigation we take a tremendous amount of pride in watching these young men compete, develop their skills and most importantly, build long lasting relationships that continue off the ice. 


Delhi Belgian Hall

Founded: 1948 by Gerard Vanden Bussche

Founded in 1948 by Gerard Vanden Bussche, the Delhi Belgian Club has always been operated in a close partnership with Vanden Bussche Irrigation.  Gerard Vanden Bussche served as the club Chairman of the Board for many years while his grandson Marc Vanden Bussche served as club president from 1993 - 1997 & 2007 - 2017.  With the tremendous support from many Belgian immigrants, the club thrived for many years, hosting performances from bands like Rush, Kim Mitchell, Roy Orbison, Gerry Lee Lewis & Lighthouse while always being a popular venue for weddings and other large events.  Unfortunately, after many years of struggling to remain viable, the club was forced to close in 2017.  But after the music stopped, like the many other Belgian immigrants, the Vanden Bussches reminisced about the many great times shared by the community in that building.  We feel tremendously fortunate to have played a role in the club's history.


Delhi Health Centre

Cornstone Club Member since: 2002

The Delhi Health Centre is a community-owned, nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing quality health care to Delhi and surrounding areas.  With a vision of a vibrant community with opportunities and services to attract and retain families, and to maintain the health and well-being of redsidents of all ages, the Health Centre first openned its doors in 2006.  Since then, there have been multiple expansions in which they were able to gather many generous donations from the community.  Vanden Bussche Irrigation is so thankful for all the hard working individuals that have surpassed expectations of the community health centre and is pleased to continue our support through donations.


Norfolk General Hospital

The Norfolk General Hospital is a vital organization to the Norfolk County Community.  Over many years, Vanden Bussche Irrigation has played a role through fund rasing, donations and many more. Through these various fund raisers, and donations, Vanden Bussche Irrigation & Equipment Ltd, has proudly acheived Founder Member standing within Norfolk General Hospital.


Delhi District Secondary School

When Vanden Bussche Irrigation heard that Delhi District Secondary School wanted to make some upgrades to their outdoor facilities but with a small budget, we felt compelled to assist.  In 2013 through a charitable partnership with Rain Maker Sprinklers, we were able to donate all the products needed for an automatic underground irrigation system at the school's sports field back.  In the dry summer months, this field in the past easily became a "dust bowl".  Now, regardless of rainfall on the year, these students have a proper playing surface that our community can be proud of.


Norfolk Soccer Club

Much like the playing surface at DDSS, the Norfolk Soccer Club was in need of an upgrade for their 2 field facility on the southwest end of Delhi.  Again through a charitable partnership with Rain Maker Sprinklers, in 2003, we were able to donate all the products needed in order to install an automatic underground irrgation system.



Vanden Bussche Irrigation has also donated and sponsored many organizations under the following categories:

  • Minor hockey
  • Youth soccer
  • Hamilton CityKidz
  • Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI)

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