Why Subsurface Drip Irrigation Is Essential for Farm and Other Agriculture Businesses

Plow and Work Your Fields without Interrupting Irrigation

Many farmers and other agriculture business owners have used subsurface irrigation on their land for years, if not decades. However, these systems have advanced significantly in the past 10 to 20 years. This means that more crops and soil types respond well to the efficient application of slow-drip irrigation solutions. 

To save water and reduce the recurrence of weeds, distribute water to plant roots with subsurface irrigation. If you want to improve your yields and productivity, consider replacing your outdated surface irrigation lines or worn drip irrigation system with newer equipment available at Vanden Bussche Irrigation. We stock a wide range of irrigation equipment and parts from industry leaders, including Netafim.  You can conveniently order everything from emitters to drip line tubing using our catalogue or mobile app.

Reasons to Install Agricultural Drip Irrigation Solutions

Maintaining a dry surface can boost production of crop biomass and keep roots moist. Here are some other reasons to use semi-permanent subsurface irrigation:

  • When used with fertilizer injection, subsurface watering increases crop productivity while reducing the labour needed to watch and monitor the system. 
  • Semi-permanent irrigation tubing reduces the amount of piping you have to replace at the end of the season.
  • You can water fields close to cutting dates because the soil surface remains dry. 
  • Weeds won’t take hold as quickly on a dry surface.

Our professionals can help you decide when to add subsurface irrigation systems to your agricultural property. Start with our guide on “How Much Water Do I Need to Irrigate?”. However, it's essential to keep in mind that subsurface systems are 20% to 40% more efficient than surface irrigation tools. This may reduce the amount of water you need for your crops, so you must adjust the settings accordingly.

What Do You Need to Start a Subsurface Drip Setup?

Products needed to start a subsurface drip setup include the following:

  • 13 or 15 mil dripline
  • Diesel or electric pump
  • PVC pipe
  • DripNet PC (for widespread fields)
  • Filter (Sand filter over disc filter)

The most common crops for subsurface drip would be corn or beans, but it also works with alfalfa and many other crops, such as potatoes and wheat. Your Vanden Bussche Irrigation representative can help you determine the right layout for your fields and whether this system would benefit your crops, including vineyards and orchards. 

How a Subsurface Drip Setup Works

Subsurface drip irrigation is a variation on traditional drip irrigation where the dripline is buried beneath the soil surface, rather than laid on the group, supplying water directly to the roots of your crops.

The depth and distance the dripline is placed, depends on the soil type and the plant's root structure. Generally, when the system is installed correctly, the top 6 to 8 inches of soil remains dry, which can result in less salt and mineral accumulation at the surface.

Say goodbye to crusted soil surfaces due to infiltration problems. Instead, you can ensure even distribution without runoff and excessive water usage. Because you don't handle the drip system every year, you have very little maintenance once it's properly installed. Additionally, subsurface systems aren’t vulnerable to sun damage and may last much longer than surface-mounted irrigation.

If you have ever damaged pipes and laterals with cultivating equipment, you can appreciate the advantages of burying all system components. Additionally, subsurface drip irrigation systems typically produce less soil compaction and better traction throughout the fields. More and more agriculture businesses are applying pesticides and other treatments directly through the drip system. This can provide better pest control and weed prevention for many different types of crops.

Shop for Premium Subsurface Drip System Parts

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we offer numerous products to help you design the right subsurface drip irrigation system for your clients. SDI is more than an irrigation system; it is a root zone management tool. From Netafim subsurface fittings to driplines, we have you covered.

Contact us today for assistance with ordering components for agriculture subsurface drip irrigation systems. We can also help you order directly off our mobile app.