Why Golf Course Irrigation Is So Important

Irrigation Systems for Golf Courses Create Lasting Beauty 


Golf courses are places of serene beauty, a field of uninterrupted green space enjoyed by both golfers and passersby. Maintaining the lush turf is one reason to pay attention to the irrigation system. However, other factors include the impact of turf quality, terrain, and water features on each shot the golfer takes. These factors are as significant on a course built for recreation as one designed for championship-level training for 18 holes. 


The pumping stations, weather stations, water quality, and water distribution all play a part, especially if the golf course manager or owner operates on a limited budget. Vanden Bussche Irrigation has knowledgeable Irrigation and Water Management (IWM) pros to offer you insight. We are happy to help you maintain an efficient golf course irrigation system. 


Essential Components of a Golf Course Irrigation System

Suppose you are a golf course superintendent or independent contractor. In that case, you need a reliable source for irrigation system components and knowledgeable engineers who provide design and build services when it’s time to revamp your course. The equipment required to irrigate an 18-hole golf course properly can run anywhere between $100 k - $4 million in value. It’s expensive to maintain and replace.

It’s normal for a golf course to have a full-time superintendent, but it may not always be feasible. Many have a part-time superintendent to keep an eye on things. Choosing your equipment carefully can help your customers or golf course owners keep costs under control.


Contact the IWM pros at Vanden Bussche Irrigation for the essential golf irrigation system components and aspects such as:

  • Water sources such as lakes, ponds, cisterns, and municipally supplied
  • Pump station
  • Water distribution lines, pumps, valves, pipes, and fittings
  • Control valves for automatic irrigation systems
  • Swing joints, quick couplers, impact sprinklers and gear-driven rotor sprinklers


Do You Really Need Dedicated Irrigation Staff?

Without proper staffing, golf courses can quickly wither and fail to thrive. On top of that, pump stations, central control systems, and other important components require constant monitoring to ensure they remain in proper working order. High-quality components, such as those made by Rain Bird, may not be lying around your utility shed or maintenance shop.  Many courses have a limited parts budget of around $15,000 or less annually. So, it’s common to find the superintendent or their assistant working to complete repairs or scrambling for outside resources to conduct emergency repairs. 

As a rule of thumb, one dedicated irrigation technician per 800 to 1,200 sprinklers can keep a golf course irrigation system going strong with minimal breakdowns.

If you are an owner or manager of a public or private golf course, you already know that the irrigation system is probably the largest investment when developing a course. Therefore, maintaining the irrigation system is critical to maximizing the ROI on your upfront investment. 


Quality Golf Course Irrigation System Components from Vanden Bussche

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we provide full-service golf course irrigation services. From design to installation to maintenance, you’ll benefit from our various irrigation system components such as:

Rain Bird central control systems
Lasco and Rain Bird swing joints
Rain Bird golf rotors
Harco Fittings
And more!


Our irrigation experts offer bespoke irrigation and water management solutions for golf courses throughout Ontario. You’ll find a ready supply of critical Rain Bird and other golf course irrigation products.


Talk to us about your golf course irrigation system requirements. You can visit one of our locations throughout Ontario or contact us online.