Why Choose Vanden Bussche Irrigation

Because You Get the Golf Course Irrigation Pros by Your Side!

Keeping your golf course irrigation system in good working order requires the right partners to supply pump stations, central control systems, weather stations, and top-quality Rain Bird components. Do you need advice on parts and maintenance or help to redesign your outdated irrigation system? With Vanden Bussche Irrigation, you know you’re dealing with knowledgeable professionals from day one. We are happy to help you make changes that keep your budget out of the red while maintaining a green, healthy turf across your golf course.

With a company history in irrigation that goes back to 1954, Vanden Bussche Irrigation has earned the industry’s reputation as an innovator. We welcome questions about the types of projects we have worked on in the past. Additionally, we can help you or your customers achieve a properly working golf course irrigation system that conserves water and, when properly maintained, doesn’t cost a ton of money to repair.

Training Portal

We are a family-owned business built on exceptional service and experience. The training portal offers education in the latest techniques and products. It also offers a certification path for irrigation professionals. It's just one way that we give back to the industry and thank our valued partners.

Customer Satisfaction Excellence - Always!

Vanden Bussche Irrigation has adopted total customer satisfaction as our company mission since its inception. We offer knowledgeable consulting, a focus on minimizing environmental impacts, top irrigation products, and service excellence. We hope to serve the Ontario community for many more years with a history of steady growth for six decades and counting.

Partner with us to benefit from the following attributes:

  • Family-owned
  • BBB-Accredited
  • 5-star customer reviews
  • Proven track record in golf course irrigation systems
  • 65+ years of experience
  • Can-Do culture 

Mobile App

Download the convenient mobile app for Google or Apple phones and devices for access to our product pages when you’re walking the course. You can use the app to easily make product lists and place orders for delivery or pick up. 

By focusing on one thing and doing it better than the competition, we have created and curated an extensive line of irrigation system components for golf courses. Choose Vanden Bussche when you want the very best. With Rain Bird equipment such as electric valves and turf rotors, we have essential parts to keep your golf course irrigation system working optimally. 

Our team at Vanden Bussche is experienced in designing, installing, and maintaining golf course irrigation systems across Ontario. Talk to us about your irrigation needs today, and let us help you. Call any of our locations across Ontario or contact us online.