Water Efficiency in Irrigation

Promote Water-conserving, Money-saving Irrigation Systems

Inefficient parts and systems claim between 30% and 70% of water from most irrigation systems. Your clients look to you for innovative ways to conserve water and save money. Where do you turn for solutions to make residential or commercial irrigation systems or sprinklers more efficient? At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we not only offer top brand irrigation systems, but we also sell components that make the system run even more efficiently!

Consider adding the following products to your installation options:

  • Master valve and flow sensor. If one of your irrigation valves sticks in the open position, the master valve will shut off water to the system to prevent waste. When used with a flow sensor, the master valve can save even more water. For optimal results, program the system to shut off the master valve only in the case of a leak. 
  • Pressure regulator for drip irrigation systems. This device regulates water pressure throughout your irrigation system. Using it can prevent costly repairs such as burst emitters and tubing damage, which could lead to significant water loss.
  • Y-filter/Y-strainer. A Y-filter prevents clogs in the irrigation tubing. If you provide system maintenance for your clients’ landscaping and commercial properties, clean the filter at least once a year to clear away dirt and sand. Just take off the filter, wash away the dirt and grime, and reinstall it. You can build good will and trust by showing your clients how to do it!
  • Wireless Rain Sensors. Upgrade your irrigations system with wireless rain sensors. Hunter's wireless rain sensor shuts of the system as soon as it detects rainfall. This is an improvement on less sophisticated systems that rely on rain accumulation to trigger a shutoff, thus wasting water. This product can help conservation-conscious businesses, municipalities, and residents achieve their water efficiency goals and save money. Rainbird’s wireless rain sensor also offers superior responsiveness to rainfall and has a freezing sensor too. This product can save your customers conserve up to 35% more water.

System upgrades. If your client has an outdated, leaky irrigation system, it may be time to suggest an upgrade to Hunter or Rain Bird Turf irrigation systems. While you are suggesting the right system upgrade for your client, it would also be a good time to encourage an automated system with the addition of WiFi controllers. The experts at Vanden Bussche Irrigation can suggest an automation that would work best for your client's set up.

Why an Efficient Irrigation System Matters

Here are just some of the benefits of selling and installing an efficient irrigation system, to your customers:

  • Conserves water and saves your clients money on the water bill
  • Improves landscape quality
  • Builds client trust

Do you want to ensure water efficiency in your landscape irrigation installations? Design a quality system and train your crew to take great care during the installation process. You can also encourage your employees to take irrigation classes on the Vanden Bussche Irrigation Training Portal. You may even find a few courses that will develop your own skills. 

You can also check out our product catalogue for affordable water-saving irrigation products and accessories. With the help of a Vanden Bussche professional, you can choose products that earn you a reputation as an eco-friendly irrigation service provider passionate about client advocacy. Additionally, our “Expert Guide to Planning, Maintenance and Education” has exceptional resources and strategies to help you grow your landscaping business. 

Contact us today for more advice on water-saving devices available at Vanden Bussche Irrigation.