Updating the Irrigation System for Your Golf Course

Start with an Inventory of Your Current System 


Before you start thinking about what you would like to change, it’s essential, to begin with, an inventory of your existing golf course irrigation system. Auditing your current system will help you understand the scope of required changes before you add any wish list items. 


Major systems you should consider in your inventory include:

  • Pump stations: Introduce pump stations with efficient, intelligent monitoring capabilities. Remote connectivity is another key feature of modern irrigation systems.
  • Hydraulic network: Consider the condition of the pipe and fittings as well as the age of your current system. Newer materials can remediate issues caused by aging systems made of galvanized pipes, asbestos cement, and other outmoded materials.
  • Distribution uniformity: The sprinklers are tremendously important in any irrigation system. Whether your system uses a valve in the head, spray heads, or golf rotors, it's essential to determine where you can make changes that will improve performance and reduce maintenance costs. Also, consider the spacing of the sprinklers in each area of the course so that you can make the appropriate adjustments.
  • Control system: Does your current system have a two-wire system or satellite system? Consider what the new electrical system should look like to deliver improved performance, safety, and efficiency. 
  • Water source: Consider if the new system can rely on renewable sources such as rivers, wells, lakes, and on-course water features, or if municipality-supplied water is a viable option.


What to Include in Your Wish List of Design Elements 

Starting with an inventory/audit puts you in the right frame of mind to begin the design and planning phases. As you sketch out your new system, keep your total budget in mind with every decision you make. When in doubt, prioritize the lifespan of the new system and the needs of the golf club.

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, you’ll find everything needed to update your course from outmoded water and energy-guzzling components to smart, conservative, and innovative equipment such as:


As the superintendent, independent contractor, or owner spearheading a project, it’s essential to keep an eye out for new technology that may change the course of your improvements. Remember to budget sufficient time and money for the upgrades. Also, consider the total cost of ownership, such as energy, water, parts, and labor to maintain upgrades or a new system.

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