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Water Your Golf Course Efficiently with Drip Irrigation Systems

There have been many advancements with drip irrigation systems on golf courses over the years. Although drip setup is not typically the most popular choice in the golf market, it does offer the ability to save money on maintenance, water use and time. Drip irrigation systems eradicate water loss due to runoff and evaporation. When strategically used, these systems often require less maintenance and monitoring due to more consistent and reliable performance. 

Drip irrigation systems eliminate the need to drag around hoses and sprinklers for those hard-to-reach areas. Set up a consultation with your knowledgeable Vanden Bussche Irrigation sales representative to discuss the different irrigation systems available and which one would best serve the nature of your golf course. 

What Is Drip Irrigation, Anyway?

Drip irrigation is an ideal watering solution that will provide great results while saving you water. Drip irrigation lines distribute more than water to your turf root system. You can also use them to quickly deliver nutrients to hasten recovery and maintenance following a tournament. This can save your golf club energy, water, and fertilizer, not to mention the labour savings of switching to a low-maintenance water delivery system. 

For ecologically minded course superintendents, drip systems save resources and time. Maintenance crews will not require to carry around hoses to water greens, tees and bunkers. 

How Does Golf Course Drip Irrigation Work? 

Perforated tubes deliver water, fertilizer, and herbicide in a slow drip, resulting in lush turf and less water usage. Emitters distribute the water to tees and fairways directly at the ground or subsurface level, depending on which system you install. 

If you want uniform water nutrient application without labour intensive manual distribution, consider installing drip lines and emitters. This system is available in the Vanden Bussche Irrigation catalogue, and you can also order parts and accessories via the mobile app.

Why do Some Golf Course Managers Prefer Drip Irrigation 

Drip irrigation can improve your return on investment better than traditional sprinkler systems. Advantages of drip or subsurface irrigation systems include the following:

  • Easier to reach greens, tees and bunkers without having to manually water these areas
  • Higher yields
  • Huge water savings
  • Subsurface drip systems give you 100% use of the green
  • Save on labour costs due to low maintenance and efficiency
  • Improve effectiveness of nutrient delivery 
  • Less dependency on weather

How Subsurface Drip Irrigation Saves You Even More 

By delivering nutrients directly to the root system, subsurface drip irrigation takes the guesswork out of fertilization. Additionally, you don't have to worry about runoff or evaporation wasting half your water. 

With drip irrigation systems, sloped areas of the golf course such as bunkers become easier to water and maintain. Drip irrigation is often an investment for courses. It seems a little more pricey upfront, but you can save thousands of dollars on maintenance and labour in the long term when you install a golf subsurface drip irrigation system.

Choose Vanden Bussche Irrigation for Quality Landscaping Subsurface Drip Systems

With industry leading manufacturing partners such as Rain Bird, Vanden Bussche can provide high quality parts and accessories for your golf irrigation system. Whether you own the course or the company maintaining it, it's important to understand the cost savings possible with drip systems. 

Contact us today for assistance with meeting your golf irrigation budget goals. We can help you water those hard-to-reach areas of your course with low-maintenance surface drip irrigation or focus on subsurface installations for tees, bunkers, slopes, and roughs.