Saving Time and Money - Agriculture

Drip Irrigation Saves Precious Resources

There are many advantages of installing drip irrigation systems on farms and other agricultural operations. The agricultural industry has done it for more than half a century. With rising interest rates, inflation, and fuel costs, many landowners are now looking for ways to save across their operations. Maybe spending thousands of dollars on drip irrigation systems seems counterintuitive. However, there are many upsides that will compensate you for the initial investment. 

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we provide agricultural irrigation solutions that can help you find efficient ways to keep thirsty crops satisfied!

Surface vs. Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems

There are two types of drip irrigation systems, surface and subsurface. Drip irrigation is the most efficient system for delivering water and nutrients to growing crops. The system is added after you plant the crops to deliver water during dry periods. In contrast, subsurface drip irrigation uses buried drip tubes or tape to meet the watering needs of specific crops. A subsurface drip irrigation system will go in the ground before you plant crops. These systems can prevent catastrophic loss of high value crops. Compared to less efficient irrigation choices, subsurface systems offer a three-pronged advantage:

  • Save water. Target watering whenever crops need it. 
  • Save time. Easy fertilizer application right at the roots. 
  • Save money. Energy savings due to delivery method and other factors.

How Does Drip Irrigation Save You Money?

Low-maintenance surface and subsurface drip systems save time and money in the following ways:

  • No run-off means no erosion, leading to more productive soil.
  • No evaporation on hot days can preserve your water supply.
  • Drip irrigation works on low pressure, so it provides energy savings for farmers.
  • Efficient use of fertilizer and crop protection
  • Less dependent on weather, with greater stability and lower risks

With lower labour costs, healthier soil, and uniform water distribution, drip irrigation can help you make money as well as keep it.

Why Do Farmers Prefer Drip Irrigation?

Agricultural businesses operate on tight budgets. Farmers and those who design irrigation systems for them hugely appreciate the greater ROI of drip irrigation. Other reasons for drip irrigation’s growing popularity among crop producers include:

  • Healthier roots result in healthy plants and a bigger harvest
  • Huge water savings: no evaporation, no runoff, no waste
  • 100% land utilization with subsurface systems
  • Uniform coverage for consistent results
  • Better crop protection with dry surface and moisture application at the roots
  • Ability to “make it rain” even on a sunny day

How Do Drip Systems Save Energy?

Sprinklers and high-pressure surface irrigation systems cost about 50% more than low pressure drip systems to operate. Efficiency depends on a number of factors including the following:

  • Vertical lift from the water source
  • Required water pressure 
  • How deep subsurface irrigation goes
  • Irrigation frequency and scope

Investing in an efficient pumping system greatly improves the cost savings and effectiveness of drip irrigation systems for agricultural use. 

Choosing between surface and subsurface drip irrigation systems requires the assistance of knowledgeable partners, such as those on the Vanden Bussche Irrigation team. Contact us today for guidance on selecting the right components and accessories needed to save time and money on your agricultural operations.