Pivots FAQ: Maximizing Potato Farming Efficiency with Zimmatic Pivots

In modern agriculture, coming up with new ideas is crucial for improving the sustainability and profitability of farming. One remarkable innovation that has completely changed how we grow potatoes is the use of Lindsay’s Zimmatic irrigation systems, including centre pivots. In this article, we will explore how Lindsay’s pivot irrigation has impacted potato farming, discuss the advantages they offer, and explain why Zimmatic is a top brand in this field. Throughout our exploration, we will aim to answer any important questions you might have about centre-pivot irrigation systems.


Why Are Zimmatic Pivots Beneficial for the Farming Industry?

Imagine a tool that transforms your farming life, making it easier, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Zimmatic Pivots do just that. These innovative irrigation systems embody the industry's shift towards responsible resource management. Here are a few key benefits that Zimmatic centre pivots can provide your farm:


Water conservation: Zimmatic Pivots are champions of water conservation, delivering precise irrigation where it's needed most. A pivot system helps mitigate water waste and lessen your environmental impact, offering little to no runoff during your irrigation cycles.


Labour efficiency: Pivots streamline farming operations by automating irrigation tasks, and liberating labour resources for activities like planting, harvesting, and crop management. This not only saves time but also ensures more reliable and consistent results for any size field or multi-field operations.


Energy efficiency: Designed with the grower in mind, Zimmatic offers solutions for every farmer and every field operation. From remote irrigation management to industry-leading centre pivots, airless wheel designs and precision variable rate irrigation, Zimmatic’s product line offers an array of energy-efficient solutions.

How Do Zimmatic Pivots Impact Potato Farming?

The evolution of potato farming has been significantly shaped by the implementation of Zimmatic products. These cutting-edge irrigation systems play a crucial role in ensuring the success of potato crops. By delivering water with pinpoint precision, Zimmatic centre pivots create an ideal growing environment for potatoes. This results in healthier tubers, higher yields, and ultimately enhanced profitability for potato farmers.


The key to the success of Zimmatic Pivots lies in their ability to distribute water precisely. Through advanced technology and design, these systems can distribute water evenly across fields. They can also be easily programmed to provide tailored irrigation schedules and specific delivery rates. Potatoes are shallow-rooted and more sensitive to soil moisture stress, so providing that consistency through pivot or lateral irrigation is important for a potato farmer’s continued crop yields. 


Top FAQ About Pivots and their Importance in Farming


What Specific Advantages Do Zimmatic Pivots Offer Potato Farmers?

Potato farmers, in particular, stand to gain a multitude of advantages by incorporating Zimmatic pivots and laterals into their farming practices. These advantages can be summarized as follows:


Increased yields: Pivots and laterals have an expected lifespan of 20+ years. If operated properly, these systems will save a farmer money year over year. A pivot or lateral system also applies chemicals and fertilizers evenly, accurately, and inexpensively, adding up to consistently higher yields.


Water conservation: The most obvious benefit to irrigating with a pivot or lateral system is that it produces less water waste. You get even, precise water application across all rows in a field, taking slope into consideration during the application process. Water won't be lost to evaporation and the timing of water application can be controlled, while providing less runoff, preventing any possible contamination.


Disease prevention: The precise watering provided by pivots helps maintain optimal soil moisture levels, reducing the risk of fungal diseases that can devastate potato crops.


Cost efficiency: Through automation and energy optimization, Zimmatic pivots and laterals have an expected lifespan of 20+ years. If operated properly, these pivots require little maintenance, reducing operational costs, and enhancing the profitability of potato farming operations. Maintenance is also very simple for pivots and laterals, compared to some other system types. And if you ever want to sell, there is a higher resale value on a pivot or lateral as well.



Can Zimmatic Pivots Adapt to Diverse Farm Terrain?

Zimmatic provides pivot models that can be tailored to fit potato farms of all sizes and terrains, whether they are large or small, flat, or hilly. Although Lindsay offers small-field options with their pivots, most centre pivot irrigation is often adapted to fields that are larger than 65 acres. This customization guarantees that every part of your field gets the right amount of water, regardless of topography.

What Measures Do Zimmatic Pivots Take to Conserve Energy and Lower Operational Costs?

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are a major concerns for farmers, and Zimmatic Pivots address these challenges effectively. Pivots incorporate energy-saving features that adjust pivot speed based on demand, reducing energy consumption and operational costs. They also offer accurate scheduling and automation to ensure water is delivered only when needed. This automation also carries the benefit of freeing up labour resources for essential tasks like planting and harvesting. This can reduce manual labour costs and the potential for human errors.

How Does Using Zimmatic Pivots Help Reduce the Risk of Potato Crop Diseases?

Potato crops are susceptible to diseases, and improper irrigation practices can exacerbate this risk. Zimmatic Pivots play a vital role in disease prevention by maintaining optimal soil moisture levels while allowing the system to apply chemicals and fertilizers evenly. Over-irrigation can create overly moist conditions that promote fungal diseases, while under-irrigation can stress the plants and leave them vulnerable to pests and bacteria. Zimmatic Pivots strike the right balance, with an evenly distributed water application and less runoff, reducing the risk of disease outbreaks and promoting healthier potato crops.


In essence, Zimmatic Pivots not only contribute to higher yields but also act as a protective shield against the risks associated with potato crop diseases.


What Makes Zimmatic a Leading Brand for Potato Farming?

Zimmatic not only provides state-of-the-art technology but also commits to helping farmers maximize its benefits. They have earned their reputation as a top brand in potato farming thanks to several notable factors:


Customization: Zimmatic offers a range of pivot models that can be customized to match the unique requirements of potato farms. These customization setups take into account moisture requirements for potatoes when designing pivot or lateral irrigation systems to meet the needs of the crop and farm layout. These needs include things like plat population, water-holding capacity for the specific soil type, maturity, climate and whether the potato tubers are grown for seed or market consumption.


Advanced control systems: Zimmatic Pivots are equipped with user-friendly control panels and software that enable farmers to remotely monitor and adjust irrigation. FieldNET, the latest in technology from Lindsay, allows you to monitor, control, schedule and analyze the data from your computer or smart device. The technology seamlessly integrates with every component of your irrigation system, allowing you to track data and create reports that will help in making positive, more profitable decisions year over year.


Durability: Farming environments can be harsh, and equipment must withstand rigorous conditions. Zimmatic Pivots are engineered using robust materials to ensure reliability even in challenging agricultural settings.

What Type of Zimmatic Pivots Does Vanden Bussche Irrigation Offer?


Vanden Bussche Irrigation offers a range of Zimmatic Pivots, each designed to cater to specific irrigation needs. Here are some of the Zimmatic Pivots we currently offer:


7500P: Small-Field Pivot: This pivot is tailored for smaller fields, covering areas up to 60 acres. It features a smaller diameter pipeline of 4½ inches and offers a 10½ ft crop clearance. The 7500P provides the necessary height for irrigating taller crops while maintaining the strength and reliability expected from Zimmatic irrigation systems. Additionally, it offers cost-effectiveness, helping growers maximize coverage while minimizing costs.


8500P Centre Pivot: Value and Performance Combined: The 8500P is engineered for both value and high performance, featuring a modern design and a robust 12-gauge pipeline. Tower options include low, standard, medium, or high clearance. An optional compact pivot point allows for smaller footprint pivot use. Its 12-gauge pipe, tower joints, and 6 5/8" pipeline ensure both value and structural strength. Equipped with a positive position encoder and a heavy-duty pivot point with galvanized steel legs and cross-members, it provides a reliable, long-lasting irrigation solution.


9500P Centre Pivot: Rugged and Versatile Pivot: Designed for rough terrains, extensive systems, and demanding uses—the 9500P, is a strong option in the Zimmatic's pivot family. Offering standard, medium, and high-clearance tower options, it adapts to various applications. Its 11-gauge pipeline, over 10 per cent thicker than competitors, ensures remarkable strength and durability. Versatile, it serves various crops, making it a dependable choice for efficient irrigation.


9500PL: Lateral Move Systems: For those seeking versatility and the ability to irrigate various field shapes, Zimmatic lateral move systems, such as the 9500PL, offer a great solution. These systems can irrigate up to 100% of square or rectangular fields and handle L-shaped fields as well. They provide accurate guidance through three proven methods: above-ground cable, furrow, or radio control from a buried cable.


9500HS: High-Speed Pivot: The 9500HS, a high-speed pivot, revolutionizes irrigation with rapid, precise cycles. It operates at up to twice the speed of standard centre drive motors, making it ideal for crops like potatoes, carrots, onions, and alfalfa, especially during germination and hot days. This pivot efficiently keeps up with water demands, decreases energy costs with lower pressure application, conserves water by 50% to 70% compared to furrow irrigation, and reduces labour costs by up to 70%. Suitable for flat and hilly terrains, it handles slopes up to 10% and offers a 38” tire option for reduced compaction.


9500CC: Custom Corner Pivot with Advanced Flexibility: The 9500CC Custom Corner pivot is a standout irrigation solution known for its adaptability in maximizing field coverage. What sets it apart is the exclusive SmartChip technology, which maps your field, optimizing application rates for precise water distribution. It offers a wide range of water application options, allowing you to customize it to match your field's unique needs, including SmartChip technology and Zimmatic Precision VRI.


You can explore our selection of pivot systems in our catalogue to find the perfect irrigation solution for your requirements. If you are interested in purchasing a Zimmatic Pivot system or have questions you’d like addressed, connect with our team.


Contact Vanden Bussche for more information on Zimmatic Pivots and other components you may need for an efficient and effective irrigation system, including for your potato farming activities.