Our Vendor Managed Inventory Solution

Managing inventory is a time-consuming task that can prevent a business from being able focusing efficiently on their jobs. For this reason, we created our Vendor Managed Inventory solution, giving customers the opportunity to have the hassles of inventory management lifted from their shoulders.

Arizona Outdoor Solutions has taken advantage of our VMI solution, and say it's a customized solution that they believe provides tremendous value for their growing business.

Right at their facility, we've constructed this stock room with shelving, a work bench, ventilation and lights.

Here, we provide them with the inventory they need for new irrigation installations. As they use the product, we continue to track and then replenish it. This allows Arizona to focus efficiently on their business, irrigation installations. We track inventory through our Mobile App, which allows the customer to always know the status of replenishment, without the actual hassle of managing their inventory.

Check out our VIDEO to learn more about our VMI solution.