How to Promote Irrigation Installs on Your Plans

Show the Benefits of Irrigation Systems

Promote irrigation installs to maximize your return on investment for each job. Irrigation systems save property owners time and money, and also deliver the following benefits:

  • Automatic timers: Both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems come with automatic timers to optimize watering strategies year-round. 
  • Minimize weeds: You can choose from name brand irrigation systems, such as Rain Bird or Hunter, that allow you to control what portions of the lawn receive water. This feature may minimize weed growth on the perimeter and seldom used portions of the property.
  • Preserves soil nutrients: Manual watering often results in excess water in some areas of the lawn. Overwatering can leach out essential nutrients. However, landscape irrigation systems do a great job at evenly distributing water. 

Whether your end clients own large commercial properties or private estates, they can appreciate the advantage of automatic irrigation. Don’t forget to suggest ongoing maintenance contracts following the irrigation install!

Top Products and Supplies Equal Customer Satisfaction

When you use high-quality products from respected brands, you’ll inspire confidence in clients already interested in irrigation installs. Vanden Bussche Irrigation offers a variety of products, parts, and supplies, all from brands with proven track records and most of which we’ve partnered with for years! 

When you guarantee quality products and equipment, your service will match your marketing, leading to higher customer satisfaction. As a leading Canadian irrigation supplier, we source only high-performing systems and amenities. Our supportive team aims to provide the right equipment to facilitate proper installation. We understand that, if you look good, we look good! 

To that end, we have made ordering easy via our mobile app that you can access on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Sign up for the free app today and talk to a member of our sales team regarding current sales and savings opportunities.

Knowledge Is Power—Do You Know About Our Training Portal?

If you would like to add drip irrigation installs to your service options, check out the Vanden Bussche Irrigation Online Training Portal. The training platform is a gold mine for contractors like you who want to grow their knowledge and learn how to more effectively market their skills. 

Speaking of skills, we’ve responded to customer requests for crew training modules. Take advantage of rainy days and slow periods by having your employees learn irrigation basics. You can also fast-track your onboarding process by letting new hires work at their own pace to master terminology and learn more about irrigation systems online.

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we do everything we can to make ordering and installing irrigation systems easier. The convenience of our online tools and the knowledge of our experienced sales teams are at your disposal. So, we invite you to use them to grow your irrigation installation business.

Contact us today to learn more about how to market your irrigation installation skills online and through word of mouth.