Holiday Food Drive Competition Results In Over 1,200lbs of Non-Perishables

2020 has been a year full of many new adversities and challenges, which forced us to constantly adapt and readjust our lives.  These adversities and challenges were piled on top of the ones we already faced during regular ‘non-pandemic’ life. For some, these every day challenges include meeting basic needs such as food on the table, especially during the holiday season.

In hopes of lessening the heavy load of 2020 on top of the already existing challenges the holiday season brings for many, we introduced our Holiday Food Drive Contest. This competition allowed us to help those within our community to get food on the table, while boosting the holiday spirit around the Vanden Bussche office and warehouse. A win-win for sure!

Here’s how it worked. All employees at our Delhi location were split into four teams: Team Snow Man, Snow Flake, Candy Cane and Mistle Toe. Beginning on Dec. 1st, teams began collecting and bringing in non-perishable food items, placing them in their corresponding team bin.

On Dec. 18th, we weighed each team’s total of non-perishable food items on our warehouse scale. The competition was tight, but team Snow Man came out on top with a total of 432lbs. Together, all four teams collected a total 1,240lbs of non-perishable food items, donated to the Delhi Sharing Pantry.

To boot, President Marc Vanden Bussche agreed to match these results $1 for every pound, donating $1,240.

We’re feeling very joyful and fortunate to have the opportunity to help those within our community during these difficult times. It's incredible what we can accomplish when we all come together.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

-The Vanden Bussche Irrigation Team