Golf Rotors FAQ: The Answers You Need, the Benefits You Will Love

Rain Bird® golf rotors are customized to increase the performance and efficiency of your irrigation system. Designed for continuity, each model is typically designed to work with current and future Rain Bird irrigation components. If you’re a golf course designer, manager, or owner, using these golf rotors can save you a lot of time and effort. Each series has its own advantages and advancements. For maximum flexibility, the 702/752 models offer dependable course coverage. The newly released, versatile 952 focuses on performance and dependability and comes in electric, IC, and SAM models. In some cases, block rotors are the best choice for the harsh conditions found on golf courses.

Vanden Bussche Irrigation is the exclusive distributor of Rain Bird golf products in Ontario. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the right rotors and walk you through a flawless installation. Before delving into the FAQs for these products, take a moment to reflect on the benefits of choosing golf rotors for your course.

Top Benefit of Choosing Golf Rotors Over Regular Sprinkler Heads

Unmatched performance, simplicity, and convenience are the main reasons to choose golf rotors to keep your turf hydrated.

  • Performance: The self-adjusting stator gives you even water flow to avoid pooling and runoff. A consistent rotation speed is key if you want to hit the maximum irrigation radius.
  • Simplicity: Rapid-Adjust Technology makes it easy to adjust the spray arc. By turning a single screw, you can adjust the arc path for safety purposes or to avoid obstacles. 
  • Convenience: With the Rain Bird 702/752/952 Series, it’s easy to achieve maximum coverage without wasting water.


Common Golf Rotor FAQs

Below, we have provided the answers many customers seek when purchasing or installing golf rotors. 

What is the main nozzle trajectory? 

Most of the golf rotors we sell have a main nozzle trajectory of 25 degrees. However, the 702/752 Series offers adjustable ones with an arc range of 7 to 30 degrees. This allows users to adjust the equipment as needed. 

What is the nozzle range of each head? 

The nozzle range depends on the model and water pressure. Here’s an overview:

  • 702/752: 40 to 91 ft.
  • 952: 57 to 77 ft.
  • Block rotors: 49 to 81 ft.

How quick is a nozzle change? 

You don’t have to fiddle with internal parts or learn to use a specialized set of tools. We’ve found that it’s about 75% faster to change a golf rotor than other sprinkler heads. Save on labor and maintenance with versatile nozzles you can change in the field without having to take your system apart. 

What is memory ARC? 

MemoryArc® saves time and labor by retaining two part-circle arc settings used to switch between full- and part-circle operations. The memory mechanism retains the original setting regardless of manual adjustments. 

Why is a self-adjusting stator important? 

A self-adjusting stator automatically adjusts flow to control rotation speed and optimize performance regardless of the nozzle size or pressure. This saves significant time and effort. 

How Do You Pick the Best Rotors for Your Golf Course?

As a golf course manager or owner, you must balance the need for effective irrigation systems with budgetary constraints. It’s encouraging to come across brands you can trust for reliable performance. Vanden Bussche is the exclusive Ontario distributor of golf rotors by Rain Bird, a leading manufacturer of golf course irrigation products and equipment.

From full-circle to partial-circle coverage, and integrated or electric controls, it’s essential to configure your irrigation system to meet the terrain, climate, and conditions of the course you’re designing or maintaining.

Here’s a closer look at each series to help you make the right selection of golf rotors:

1. 702/752 Series: These rotors are available in IC and electric models and can switch between full- and part-circle operation. So, whether you’re focusing on full coverage or conservation, you can set your nozzles accordingly. Features to consider include:

  • Self-adjusting stator for auto-adjusting water flow.
  • MemoryArc® feature that saves labour costs with two part-circle settings. 
  • Fast change capability.

2. 952 Series: These rotors come in three styles, SAM, IC, and electric. Thanks to an automatic stator, it’s easy to configure. You can switch between part- and full-circle arc settings. This simplifies maintenance, as you can use the same nozzles throughout the full golf course system. Standout features include:

  • Flexible nozzle design to reduce inventory costs.
  • Compatible with 900 and 950 golf rotors, which potentially eliminates the need for excavation.

3. Block Rotors: These rotors are engineered to guarantee uniformity. Use them to make the most of your water supply.

  • Single stator or predictable rotation.
  • Seal-A-Matic Check Valve with a 5.2 m hold-back capacity.
  • To change the nozzle, all you need is a screwdriver.

Vanden Bussche Irrigation is happy to bring these Rain Bird products to our customers. Feel free to reach out to our sales team to discuss the specific needs of your project. You can also browse through our catalog to shop for other innovative golf irrigation products. 


More FAQs: All the Golf Rotor Information You Need to Know

A golf rotor covers large areas of turf and has both a long throw distance and high flow rate. You can connect them to your control system for convenient troubleshooting capability. These additional FAQs will help you determine whether golf rotors will work for your turf.

How easy are they to plug a hose into?

As easy as 1-2-3.

  • Remove the top snap ring and the internals.
  • Put the snap ring on your puck and put the puck into your rotor casing.
  • Secure the snap ring and turn the head on.

Why is there ribbing on the housing of the sprinkler?

This strengthens the sprinkler head without added thickness or additional material. In some cases, ribbing can help prevent warping and marking. It also creates a pleasing aesthetic. 

Are parts sold separately?

Yes, they are. You can buy everything from the small rubber seal on your bottom valve to your PRS assembly. Whenever possible, we offer modular irrigation equipment, making it easy to swap out and replace damaged items.

Can I adapt a 91 or 51 impact from back in the day to an ICM?

Yes! Use your orange selector tool to remove the post with the green solenoid attached to it. Then, all you have to do is thread on your ICM.

Will a 950/952 fit into a 900?

Yes. In fact, Rain Bird designed the casing to retrofit legacy equipment. So, the 950/952 has coordinating internals to accommodate the 900. This is one of the reasons we recommend the company’s golf rotors to wholesalers, course managers, and other customers.

Why does water gush out before/after I turn the head on/off?

When you turn the head off manually or electronically, it vents to the atmosphere. It’s a built-in way to lubricate the system. This self-flushing action cleans the rotor, pushing dirt and debris out of the internals.

When using the head manually, what key is recommended? Plastic or metal?

We recommend that you use a plastic key. Over time, metal keys may strip the PRS assembly, compromising its ability to regulate water pressure. Talk to one of our knowledgeable team members to learn about some exceptions to this rule. 

Do I have to dig up the head to access the rock screen?

Thankfully, no! You can maintain Rain Bird rock screens without digging them up. Simply remove them using a rock screen remover tool and ratchet extension. Note that for electrical heads, the rock screen is located beneath the PRS assembly (underground). It’s essential to keep the rock screen clean to avoid damaging the rotor.

Why is the top of the head curved?

This makes it easy for reel mowers to glide across them with ease, preserving the bedknife that cuts the grass to a specified height. Groundskeepers won’t have to worry about running over a sharp plastic edge that might damage the bedknife. The curved design demonstrates the thought process and precision behind every Rain Bird design element.

What are the common parts I should keep on my shelf at all times?

It really depends on your specific needs. As a direct golf course distributor, Vanden Bussche Irrigation always has the following parts on hand for customers:

  • 700
  • 900
  • Solenoid or ICM
  • PRS assembly
  • 700 internal
  • 900 internal
  • 752 internal
  • 950 internal
  • Orange selector tool
  • Bottom valves
  • Rock screen remover tool
  • 700 insertion tool
  • 900 insertion tool
  • Snap ring pliers

Rain Bird golf rotors are a great choice for irrigation systems that cover a large area. They are durable, efficient, and save water and money when used effectively. If you want to keep your golf course in top condition, consider investing in Rain Bird golf rotors. For assistance with all your irrigation needs, consult with your local Vanden Bussche representative. 

What questions do you have for our team? We’d love to hear from you and provide all the information you need for your golf course irrigation system.

Contact the team at Vanden Bussche if you want to know more about golf rotors and related irrigation parts and equipment.