Expert Guide to Planning, Maintenance and Education

Are you tired of constantly calling to keep track of your irrigation and landscaping supplies order? Are you a landscaping expert searching for an extra skill to polish your portfolio and gain a competitive advantage. At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we know how frustrating the unknown can be when waiting on an order; and how challenging it can be, enrolling in programs to help gain basic skills to help improve your business and fellow employee knowledge. Convenience is a key factor for landscaping experts and their clients alike, and it is our objective to continue to help you find that balance through our Vanden Bussche Mobile App and Online Training Portal.


About Our Training Portal - Did you Know?

The willingness and readiness to learn new skills helps workers to remain employable in the foreseeable future. This favours any independent contractor or organization wishing to improve labour output. 

As an expert in the agriculture and landscaping industry, being adept at what you do—and showing extra potential—favors your professional ladder. As such, the Vanden Bussche Irrigation Online Training Portal offers you an opportunity to acquire new skills and receive credits for completed courses. The training portal allows you the convenience of learning the fundamentals of different skill sets and studying the courses at your own pace. 

The training portal allows users to enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Certification from the Irrigation Association, meaning you can advance and earn CEU credits
  • Training on new skills to expand your landscaping business, such as drainage and landscape lighting.

Evidently, the training portal is an all-inclusive resource guide where independent contractors and businesses can sign up for additional labour training. As a member or graduate of the training courses on the training portal, your skills become more marketable to clients and staffing agencies. Moreover, a well-trained landscape expert assures credibility for clients looking for exceptional service delivery. 

Highlighted Courses- Business, Landscaping Lighting, Irrigation

As a landscaping and irrigation industry leader in Canada, Vanden Bussche Irrigation—through the training portal—provides top-notch education and training, based on over 100+ combined years of experience. The training spans from introductory lessons to advanced guides on various sectors, including business, landscaping lighting, and irrigation. 

In addition, if you are specific about your training needs, the training modules cover a broad range of subjects to sharpen your technical and practical know-how. Through the availed courses, Vanden Bussche Irrigation seeks to bridge the gap between well-trained landscape experts and discerning clients in the landscaping and irrigation industry. 

The business training section of the portal helps individuals in the landscaping market sharpen up more than just their hands-on skills but rather broaden their knowledge in running a day-to-day operation. Available courses to help with that include business management, financial aspects, workforce handling, and daily business practice. Contractors looking to improve their business processes and outcome stand a higher chance of gaining valuable insight from this training. 

Whether you are looking to learn the basics as a beginner contractor, or an expert contractor looking to brush up on your skills by adding something to your business, the Vanden Bussche Training Portal offers an excellent landscape lighting section. The 10 mini-course list includes:

  • Introduction to landscape lighting
  • How to design landscape lighting
  • How to sell landscape lighting
  • Landscape lighting: presenting and selling
  • Landscape lighting; installation
  • Selling LED lighting with confidence
  • Landscape lighting: design part 1 (Creating the design)
  • Designing part 2: specifying fixtures and drawing a plan
  • Landscape lighting opportunity and overview
  • Bidding and estimating

They are further broken down into digestible topics/lessons and an assessment to test your grasp of the content after the lessons. These mini-courses help you stand out as a competitive contractor in a demanding market and expand your skill sets to create more job opportunities for your business.

Mobile App

Client satisfaction is vital for a business’ scalability. A business selling products and services online should effortlessly develop a user interface where clients can track their orders and browse product selections conveniently. 

How often do you purchase your farm equipment or irrigation equipment online? The Vanden Bussche Irrigation mobile app offers you enhanced online purchasing features, including your ability to check customer product pricing and place orders conveniently. 

Whether you are looking to update parts of your Rain Bird sprinkler system or purchase general irrigation products and equipment, place full product orders for your next project, or simply order more lighting wire using the mobile app. Even more conveniently, you can track your orders in real-time.

The mobile app has a simple, user-friendly interface with different product categories. All products fall under select categories, including:

  • Clearance
  • Golf Irrigation
  • Residential and Commercial Irrigation
  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Landscape lighting
  • Ponds
  • Landscape

Each of the above categories is further divided into deeper sub-categories. As a result, you have an easier time locating the exact product you want since it is likely to be categorized under its application. You can save items as favorites for later purchases. 

Additionally, the mobile app has impressive features that make usability easier. Such include an advanced search tool that allows you to key in the exact keyword to find exact products or product types. Through the app, Vanden Bussche Irrigation sends updates and notifications to keep you informed of your order status. Furthermore, this is the most accurate and up-to-date place to obtain current pricing on all vendors and products, as Vanden Bussche updates this data daily as soon as pricing changes are required. Additional information such as order pickup locations makes purchasing online more convenient. 

When combined, Vanden Bussche Irrigation’s mobile app and training portal ease the interaction between product vendors, expert service providers, and clients looking for the best products and services such as golf courses. Rest assured, these platforms engage your needs to the core and are easy to use, even for beginners. Contact Vanden Bussche Irrigation to learn more about the convenient mobile app and training portal.

Benefits of Illuminating Your Designs

Following and picking up on some of the latest landscape lighting trends is one way to spice up landscape design. At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we supply a broad variety of highly effective and top-quality landscape lighting products. Below are the surefire benefits of illuminating landscape designs for your clients.

Increased Aesthetics

The glow of dedicated landscape lighting transforms a yard, thus adding a tranquil and inviting ambiance to a home’s outdoor spaces. With the availability of a wide range of lighting products at Vanden Bussche Irrigation, landscape contractors can achieve their clients’ desired level of aesthetic appeal.

Highlight Key Features

Illuminating landscape design can also play up one’s creative side. If you have a flair for the dramatic, you can install a spotlight pointing to architectural features on your clients’ property. You can highlight specific showpieces in the garden with the proper lighting, such as water features, statues, or trees. 

Security and Safety

Besides aesthetic purposes, illuminating landscape design plays a key role in providing an element of safety and security. Illuminating pathways, steps, and high-traffic areas, such as pool decks and patios, makes a home safer for everyone with easy access.

Added Property Value

Illuminating a landscape design makes the property more appealing to potential buyers and admirers and, as such, may gain your client a reasonably attractive ROI in the event of a resale.

Are you a contractor looking to take up an extra skill to help you appear more competitive to your clients? Vanden Bussche Irrigation offers landscape lighting courses through the Online Training Portal for contractors looking to expand their business offerings to fully match their clients’ landscape and lighting needs. Landscape design illumination service is currently a growing demand due to the associated benefits, including increased safety and exterior décor appeal. 

How to Promote Irrigation Installs on Your Plans

Globally, the performance of irrigation practices and equipment—mostly concerning the uniformity of water application—is considered too low. Reasons for this include contractors and farmers not having the proper information to manage their irrigation systems accurately.

One of the best ways to ensure proper landscape irrigation installation is to guarantee top-quality products and equipment usage. Installing below-average irrigation equipment on your clients’ landscape contributes to client dissatisfaction. In addition, low-quality installations are exposed to swift wear and tear. 

To ensure high-quality installations, ensure you source irrigation products and equipment from a reputable vendor. Vanden Bussche Irrigation is a leading Canadian irrigation equipment supplier. Our irrigation products are designed for optimum functionality. Most landscape contractors rely on our products to install high-quality irrigation systems on clients’ properties. Download our mobile app to browse our product selections, see pricing, and order high-quality irrigation tools and equipment to ensure proper installation. 

In addition, landscape contractors looking to promote irrigation installations can also take a short course on how to perform a particular. For instance, if you want to know how to design landscape lighting, you can log into Vanden Bussche Irrigation’s training portal and select a mini-course on the same. 

Our training platform provides contractors the opportunity to gain the relevant skill corresponding to the demand by clients. That way, they can ensure an all-around high-quality landscape irrigation installation. Contact us to help you improve irrigation installations on your plans as an irrigation expert. 

Water Efficiency in Irrigation

According to ScienceDirect, the efficiency of irrigation systems—especially surface irrigation—varies between 30% to 70% and averaging 60%. Whether you practice agricultural or landscape irrigation, water efficiency is important at all costs. Lack of water efficiency in landscape irrigation has several disadvantages, including:

  • Excessive water wastage
  • High water bills
  • Affected landscape quality

Ensuring water efficiency in landscape irrigation is ideal for the environment and your pockets. Some of the factors affecting water efficiency in landscape irrigation include:

  • Design of irrigation structures
  • Use, maintenance, and management of irrigation structures

Most irrigation systems are designed to meet exclusively limited objectives and aren’t suitable for modern landscape irrigation. These irrigation systems may experience technical constraints, which often limit the possibility for improvement via better management. 

Traditional landscape irrigation systems are not designed to measure how much water a lawn gets at a particular time. Unfortunately, this leads to less water efficiency. An easy way to measure how much water a landscape/lawn is getting in a week is to install a rain gauge in the sprinklers’ path. Ask your local Vanden Bussche Irrigation representatives to help you get and install a rain gauge.

In addition, most traditional irrigation systems have outdated designs that can handle the stress of ensuring water efficiency. Some are prone to regular wear and tear, which means spending extra costs on repairs and replacements.

Unfortunately, constant and unregulated water usage increases your bills and affects your landscape quality since not all lawn plants will do well with excess water consumption. Moreover, poorly designed irrigation systems that do not promote water efficiency are draining your finances. 

Fortunately, as an expert contractor, you can consider upgrading your clients’ landscape irrigation systems to modern systems that guarantee water efficiency. At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, our irrigation systems and equipment are designed to meet constantly evolving water efficiency needs. Our irrigation systems are designed with your needs in mind—financially and functionally. Check out our product catalog to upgrade your clients’ landscape irrigation systems are part of ensuring efficient water usage and saving costs. 

Other practical ways to improve water efficiency may include:

  • Avoid running sprinklers in the middle of the day
  • Turn off water sprinklers when rain supplements the need for normal water usage. 

Constant maintenance of water irrigation systems is also important to ensure water efficiency. Contact an expert at Vanden Bussche to advise you on the best irrigation system installations that ensure water efficiency and cost efficiency for contractors and clients. 

Vanden Bussche Irrigation 

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