Benefits of Illuminating Your Designs

Enhance Your Bright Ideas with Gorgeous Landscape Lighting

Catch up on the latest trends in landscape illumination or browse our products to spark your imagination. Your landscape designs simply aren’t complete without LED lights, moon lighting, and other magical products that transform a dark and dreary backyard into an inviting place to relax. At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we supply top-quality landscape lighting products that perform multiple functions for your clients!

Need help figuring out how to market landscape lighting as a service to your clients? Check out related classes on our training portal and empower your sales team with the skills needed to introduce residential and commercial clients to landscape lighting products.

Shop by Category or Search for Your Favorite Product

Our products include trusted brands such as FX Luminaire, Alliance and WC Lighting. Whether you want to illuminate patios and paths or to spotlight statuary and water features, we have you covered. So, shop by category or search for your favourite products in our catalogue!

Landscape Lighting categories and brands available at Vanden Bussche Irrigation include:

Increase Aesthetics and Highlight Key Outdoor Features

Dedicated landscape lighting adds instant ambience to your client’s yard. So, bring your designs to life with lighting, such as spotlights to illuminate fountains or seating areas. By changing the lighting scheme, you can add dramatic flair to inviting features, such as a hot tub. Alternatively, you can install recessed lighting to minimize glare for nighttime parties and barbeques. Looking for design ideas? Try using this app offered by FX Luminaire to assist you with your landscape lighting project. 

Here are additional benefits to help sell your clients on the value of landscape lighting:

  • Higher Property Value: By adding custom lighting to residential or commercial landscaping, you’ll elevate interest in the property, especially when it’s time to sell. 
  • Increased Safety: Lighted paths, stairs, and pool areas add beauty and visibility to outdoor spaces. Illumination encourages guests to stay on marked paths, decreasing the risk of a fall or damaging other areas of your property that you don’t want people walking on.
  • Extended outdoor living space: Property owners can take the party outdoors with the help of landscape lighting solutions. It's also a great way to extend your entertainment space when guests bring two or more companions instead of just themselves! 

Security and Peace of Mind: Late at night, it's hard to tell whether the scratching and scurrying noise coming from the backyard comes from a nocturnal animal or other unauthorized visitors. Landscape lighting makes it easy to see what’s going on, without compromising safety.

Why Use the Vanden Bussche Irrigation App?

You can shop for your favourite lighting products and supplies on the Vanden Bussche Irrigation mobile app. The app allows you to claim your customer discount on eligible items, favourite items to make reordering easy, and shop from your couch, at a job site, or during a boring meeting!

You can also use value-added features to prepare bids and highlight products to potential and repeat clients!

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