An Introduction to Pivot Irrigation Systems

Insights from Your Trusted Ontario Irrigation Specialists

Over the years, technological advances have led to the emergence of numerous types of irrigation systems that support large outdoor spaces. Whether it is agricultural farms, orchards, vineyards, row crop fields, or other large areas, irrigation systems are a critical aspect of managing your business and maintaining a lush property. While some crops or vegetation may do exceedingly well with sprinkler irrigation systems, others may thrive on drip irrigation. Yet, others may see greater compatibility with centre-pivot irrigation systems. 

Centre pivot irrigation, also called waterwheel and circle irrigation, is one of the most cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and water-saving irrigation solutions available today. The irrigation and water management (IWM) experts at Vanden Bussche Irrigation offer insights into the design and benefits of pivot irrigation systems for Ontario properties. 

Overview of Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems

For any farm or field, the choice of irrigation system is dependent on the size and shape of the land, the soil quality of the irrigable area, and the source, quality, and flow rate of water. Centre pivot irrigation systems can help you achieve optimal irrigation and precision application that maximizes your yield, crop quality, and profits. 

Essentially, the system consists of a single sprayer or sprinkler pipeline, supported above the ground by self-propelled A-frame towers on wheels. Other critical components of the centre pivot irrigation system are the spans, cables, and/or steel trusses. The water is delivered to the pivot point through a buried mainline pipe, and the system applies small amounts of water at frequent intervals to the unit area of the crop. 

From corn, soybeans, and potatoes, to turfgrass, alfalfa, hay, and a variety of other crops, centre pivot irrigation can be the ideal solution for a wide range of produce in Ontario. 

Some key features of pivot irrigation systems:

  • Efficient use of water - high water application rates at low-pressure 
  • Low maintenance, management, and operating costs 
  • Ability to irrigate uneven terrain due to in-line pressure regulators that maintain a consistent flow and prevent over-watering
  • Flexible, remote operations that allow controls through a smartphone or computer, ensuring accuracy and uniformity of application 


As one of the leaders in centre-pivot irrigation solutions, Zimmatic Pivots can optimize your operations while ensuring a high-quality yield. A durable, innovative, and technologically advanced irrigation system, Zimmatic Pivots offer:

  • Sturdy construction and higher-than-standard gauge pipes for greater structural integrity
  • Watertight sprinkler outlets that prevent leaks and rusting in the pipes 
  • Superior span designs and full-flow collector mechanisms that eliminate water and flow restrictions 
  • Remote monitoring and scheduling capabilities for improved convenience and greater precision control 

Pivot Irrigation Design and Installation Services in Ontario

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we design and install numerous types of irrigation solutions in line with the specific needs of your Ontario commercial property. Our skilled and experienced technicians can customize the centre pivot irrigation systems by adequately calculating the flow rates, evaporation rates, water application rates, depth of runoff, pressure loss, and other related aspects of your farm or field. 

We are a lead distributor for Zimmatic Pivots in Eastern Canada, serving over 300 customers from Ontario to the Maritime Provinces. We also stock an assortment of branded, high-quality irrigation system components for all types of micro-irrigation and drip irrigation systems.  

Our goal is to help our clients with sustainable, profitable, flexible, accurate, and proven methods of irrigation that increase yields and improve the operational efficiencies of your business.

Talk to us about your irrigation needs today and let us help you. Call any of our locations in Ontario or contact us online.