70 Years of Supporting Ontario's Farmers and Landscapers

Vanden Bussche Irrigation: Your Partner in Growth

Celebrating seven decades of partnership with Ontario's farmers and landscapers, Vanden Bussche Irrigation & Equipment Ltd. embarked on its journey in 1954 with a vision to empower local farming and landscaping communities. Marking seventy years of growth alongside Ontario's farming and landscaping communities, we've been part of a shared journey that began in 1954, driven by a collective vision of empowerment and innovation. Together, we have navigated the ebbs and flows of change, celebrating each milestone that has contributed to the rich tapestry of our green landscapes. Our story is intertwined with the fabric of Ontario's agricultural and landscaping achievements, a narrative of mutual evolution and enduring support.

Over the decades, we've been privileged to witness and be part of the transformative advancements in agriculture and landscaping, celebrating each innovation that has reshaped our shared landscape. The journey from the early days of irrigation systems to the forefront of today's water conservation efforts reflects a collective endeavor to elevate industry standards. It's a history rich with collaborative success stories, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and sustainable practices.

Deep Roots, Enduring Commitment

In the world of irrigation, the real value lies in nurturing life, livelihoods, and landscapes, a reflection of the enduring relationships that shape our community. These bonds, formed over decades, speak to a shared journey of growth and resilience. Our commitment mirrors this journey, a standing testament to a partnership that celebrates the evolution of our industries and the constant pursuit of innovation. Together, we have faced challenges and seized opportunities, ensuring that every step forward is taken with a vision for sustainable growth and mutual success.

Irrigation Expertise You Can Count On

Our journey is marked by a deep-seated belief in collaboration and expertise for a sustainable future. Over seven decades, we have gathered unique insights and experiences, contributing to projects that span the breadth of Ontario's agricultural and landscaping needs. It's a shared understanding of irrigation's complexities that has enabled us to support our partners effectively, bringing forth innovations and advancements that benefit everyone involved.

Our carefully curated selection of irrigation equipment reflects our commitment to the evolving needs of Ontario's vibrant agricultural and landscaping communities. From high-efficiency precision drip tape that conserves water while ensuring your crops receive the hydration they need to advanced sprinkler systems that easily cover every inch of your landscape, our products are at the forefront of irrigation technology. Additionally, our robust pumps, valves, and control systems are engineered for reliability and ease of use, empowering you to maximize every drop of water for a more productive operation.


Recognizing the unique nature of each project, our strategy is as diverse as the landscapes we serve. From expansive farms to intricate garden designs, our approach is collaborative, designed to meet specific needs while looking ahead to future possibilities. It's this forward-thinking partnership that positions us as more than just a company but as a catalyst for sustainable and effective irrigation solutions across Ontario and beyond.

Innovation and continuous improvement are at the core of what we do. Our path is defined by an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of irrigation technology, striving for solutions that elevate efficiency and sustainability. Through ongoing education and training, we ensure our team stays at the forefront of the industry, equipped to share cutting-edge solutions and insights that benefit our entire community.

Local Partners, Shared Success

Our philosophy is rooted in the power of community and partnership. The successes we celebrate are shared with the diverse array of partners we've had the honor to work alongside—from the heart of family-owned farms to the greens of innovative golf courses and the growth of vibrant nurseries. These relationships underscore our role not merely as suppliers but as collaborators in the true growth and vitality of Ontario's agricultural and landscaping communities.

Our approach is built on a foundation of collaboration and mutual success. We understand that each partner has unique needs and visions for their projects, whether it's achieving a bountiful harvest, maintaining a pristine golf course, or enhancing public parks for communities to enjoy. By closely working with our partners, we're able to tailor our irrigation solutions—from advanced irrigation systems to state-of-the-art sprinklers and drip irrigation equipment—to precisely meet and exceed these diverse requirements.

Moreover, our local partnerships allow us to share in the successes of Ontario's agricultural and landscaping sectors. Each successful harvest, each green space maintained, and every community project completed with our irrigation systems reinforces our shared commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and excellence. These achievements are not just milestones but are stepping stones towards a greener, more sustainable future for Ontario and beyond.

Through our dedication to providing comprehensive irrigation solutions and unparalleled support, Vanden Bussche Irrigation has become more than a supplier; we're a trusted ally in our partners' endeavors. We celebrate the shared successes, knowing that each one contributes to the vibrancy and resilience of our local communities.


A Legacy of Service Excellence

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, our legacy is built on more than just supplying irrigation equipment; it's about delivering comprehensive irrigation solutions that stand the test of time. Our commitment to excellence in service has been unwavering for over 70 years, making us not just a provider but a true partner to our clients across Ontario and beyond. With a century of combined experience, our team of irrigation experts offers unmatched expertise in system design, consulting, installation, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your irrigation systems perform efficiently and reliably year after year.

The Power of Partnership: Investing in Our Communities

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we believe that our success is tied to the health and vibrancy of the communities we're a part of. That's why our commitment extends beyond irrigation solutions, embracing active investment in the prosperity of the communities where we live and work.

Supporting the Spirit of Sports:  Hockey is more than a game in Canada; it builds character and brings people together. We've been proudly sponsoring the Delhi Junior C Travellers Hockey Team for nearly 30 years, helping these young athletes develop their skills and create lasting bonds.

Investing in the Health of Our Neighbors:  Quality healthcare is essential for a thriving community. We're proud to support both the Delhi Health Centre and Norfolk General Hospital, ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need.

Creating Beautiful Spaces for Learning and Play: We want our youth to have access to safe, well-maintained green spaces. That's why we've donated irrigation systems to Delhi District Secondary School and the Norfolk Soccer Club, helping them create fields and pitches that students and athletes can be proud of.

Sharing Knowledge, Shaping the Future:  Our Vanden Bussche Learning Centre is a place where we can demonstrate the latest irrigation technologies and share our expertise. We believe in empowering farmers with the knowledge and tools to make the most of every drop of water.

Giving Back: It's In Our DNA

These are just a few examples of how we strive to give back to our Ontario communities. We support a wide range of organizations, from minor hockey to youth soccer, because we believe everyone deserves a chance to succeed.

Why We Do It

As a family-owned business, our connection to this region is profound and personal. These communities are not just the backdrop of our operations; they are the essence of who we are—our home. It's a belief that echoes through our actions: when our communities flourish, it's a reflection of collective success and shared prosperity.

Investing in the Future of Irrigation

At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we're not just invested in delivering top-tier irrigation equipment and solutions today; we're dedicated to shaping the future of irrigation itself. Our passion for innovation and sustainability drives us to invest heavily in the advancement of irrigation technologies and practices that not only benefit our clients but also the environment and the broader community we serve.

Understanding the critical importance of water conservation, we're committed to leading the industry toward more sustainable irrigation practices. This commitment is evident in our extensive range of precision irrigation solutions, designed to reduce water usage while enhancing crop yields and landscape health. Our variable rate irrigation (VRI) systems, equipped with advanced sensors and GPS technology, exemplify our dedication to smart irrigation—delivering water precisely where and when it's needed, minimizing waste, and maximizing efficiency.

Water Conservation: A Core Value

Vanden Bussche understands that water is a precious resource. Leading the way in responsible water management, water conservation is woven into the fabric of our values.

Precision Irrigation Solutions: Our variable rate irrigation (VRI) systems use advanced sensors and GPS to deliver water only where and when it's needed, minimizing waste and maximizing yields.

Smart Controllers and Weather-Based Scheduling: We help you tailor irrigation schedules to your landscape's precise needs, reducing overwatering and saving you money.
Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Systems: Explore alternative water sources to further reduce your environmental footprint.

Advocacy and Education: We actively participate in industry initiatives promoting sustainable irrigation practices, ensuring Ontario's water resources are protected for generations to come.

Embracing the Future of Irrigation

At Vanden Bussche, we're not content with simply meeting today's needs; we're actively shaping the future of irrigation. Our commitment to innovation includes:

Research and Development Partnerships: We collaborate with leading manufacturers to bring you the most cutting-edge irrigation technologies.

Data-Driven Irrigation: Explore the potential of soil moisture sensors, remote monitoring, and advanced analytics to optimize water usage and fine-tune your operation.

A Focus on Long-Term Sustainability: Our solutions aren't just about today's yields; they're about ensuring the health of your land and resources for generations to come.


The Vanden Bussche Advantage

Custom System Design: Work with our experts to create a tailored irrigation plan optimized for your unique needs.

Unmatched Technical Support: Get the help you need, when you need it.

Seasonal Maintenance Programs: Protect your investment and ensure peak system performance.

70 Years and Counting...

As we celebrate this milestone, we're filled with gratitude and energized by the future. Vanden Bussche Irrigation is more than just a name; we're part of the fabric of Ontario's communities. Let's make the next 70 years even more remarkable!

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