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4-Wheel Fixed Tandem Axle, and 4-Wheel Swing Axles, are both available with Flotation Tires are all new solutions for safety and soil compaction.






Unit Connection on both sides means Fast and Convenient hook up with no repositioning of supply line. 







Blow-Out Compressor: A Traveller full of water may add up to 9,200 additional lb of weight. A P.T.O. Driven Blow-Out Compressor will force the water out the PE-Pipe, making the Traveller much safer and easier to move.   






Hydraulic or Mechanical Swivel Aid:  makes light work of Traveller set-up and positioning. 






Electric shut-off valve: At overpressure water inflow is closed by a slow-closing electric shut-off valve, at underpressure a flow control turns off the pump.

Combined shut-off valve:  No matter if overpressure or underpressure, the combined version stops the RAINSTAR automatically either way.






Close Range Sprinkler: mounted on the traveller, will distribute water evenly around the traveller but not on it