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Rainstar Features

Bauer Rainstar Travellers loaded with features to satisfy all your irrigation needs. Cost efficient irrigation by saving energy, convenient, time saving handling and operational safety even at extreme stress are only a few of the many advantages of this generation of machines.

No matter which field size or form, the innovative modular design of the Rainstar easily adopts to every condition and offers tailor made equipment for every irrigation process.  


Precission Chain Drive

The power transmission for the PE pipe retraction over a large dimensioned pipe reel is achieved with high quality chain and precise, laser-cut chain elements.  

Due to the large diameter of the sprocket and many singular chain links, the retraction power is spread optimally over a large area.

By using coated, high-performance chains, a maintenance-free operation and a long lifespan are guaranteed even with high retraction power.


Closed Reel Core

The first layer of the PE pipe is the layer exposed to the highest retraction forces and therefore it is important that no edges or small supporting points damage the PE pipe and eventually reduce its lifespan.

To prevent such wear, each reel core of the Rainstar drum is completely closed and equipped with a special pipe guard.  

The first layer of the PE pipe sits on the drum evenly and without distortion.

The pipe is gently guided into the right position for each layer


Heavy Duty Galvanized Construction

Hot Deep Galvanizing provide optimum protection against corrosion for the pipe reel, drum, chassis and Gun Cart, which is reflected in the stable value and long lifespan of our products.


Robust Mashine Support

The hose-reel must be anchored firmly to the ground.  By developing a special kinematics and an extremely flat angle for the machine supports, the power is directly passed into the center of the machine and is therefore optimally distributed. 

The machine is immovably anchored to the ground – even with retraction forces up to 40% higher than those of similar machines of competitors.   



Special Material composition and processing of Bauer Heavy Duty PE-Pipe ensures long life even under the  toughest conditions. 


A precise level-wind system

Essential for a trouble-free operation.

The Bauer level-wind works gently and nearly maintenance-free through a double guided winding mechanism and a precisely driven helically grooved spindle. 

Especially at high retraction forces and angular PE-pipe retraction, it is important that the guide rails are supported twice in order to absorb the forces and guide the PE-pipe precisely in the right direction.

This results in a longer lifespan of the PE-pipe and trouble free operation


Turn Table

Allows you to turn reel effortlessly to any position.




Automatic Cart Lift

The combi-cart wheel is being lifted and locked automatically via the PE pie retraction and the speacial kinematics at the end of the irrigation process and

Due to the special construction of the Rainstarit is not necessary to take any precautions for the transport - the band brake on the gear fixes the pipe reel and the wheel cart, automatic and absolutely safe.


Laying the pipe in crop row

For in-field operation, the Rainstar wheel tracks adjust exactly to suit the crop row spacing. A special guide ensures the PE-pipe is laid out in a straight line between the plant rows.

Tractor, Rainstar & Gun Trolley move in precisely the same alignment, eliminating crop damage.


Nelson Gun

All our larger Rainstar model equipped with industry most reputable Nelson Irrigation Gun SR Series. Read more about Nelson Irrigation Guns.