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Precision Control

The  ECOSTAR 4300 

Features the inputting of up to four different speed zones per strip, to fine tune your application strip to suit each set-up’s topography. The 4200 also has the ability to connect further sensors and a cell modem.

  • Built-in precision clock - setting of start time with time of day
  • Programming of 4 different speeds within one irrigation strip
  • Recording and summation of the total irrigation time
  • Input and output for transmitter box SMS 4210



With pop-up solar panel & locking access cover is easy to operate and provides precise computer monitoring and control of your travellers operation, including:  Start / Stop, Retraction Speed, Pre / Post Irrigation. The 4000S also displays during operation: Speed Setting, Remaining Irrigation Time, Laid Down Irrigation Pipe.

  • Easy handling at the click of one button
  • 4-line display shows the operational status of the irrigation system
  • Through full-time monitoring of chose set-point and actual value of the retraction speed, the crops are precisely irrigated
  • Programming of pre- and post irrigation, easy touch button operation
  • A solar panel and a 12 volt battery care for sufficient power supply
  • Easy handling and menu navigation speak for itself


Exact length measurement

  • The PE-pipe length is determined without contact by magnetic sensors on the gear box
  • The measurements are not being influenced by a dirty PE-pipe or slip
  • A double sensor detects whether the PE pipe is being
  • Through the arrangement of 4 magnets there is a permanent measurement even at low retraction speed to a precise regulation of the precipitation   


Shut-off sensor

  • The shut-off sensor is operationally reliable, protected against accidental operation, mounted under the drive cover
  • Double safety - at the end of the strip the gearboxed is disengaged mechanically