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Drive Technology

At the heart of the Bauer Rainstar is the radial, full-flow economy Turbine with Vario Nozzle Flow Control which delivers unprecedented performance. The extremely low pressure loss saves money & energy while providing precise and uniform retraction.


The radial full-flow economy turbine with the unique Vario Nozzle is a power pack and energy saver in one. No matter if small or water saving precipitation rates or high amounts of water need to be dealt with - the  Bauer turbine convinces with a high degree of efficiencyand low pressure losses over the whole range of power.


The extremely high efficiency level of the Bauer turbine, plus excess performance capacity & minimal pressure loss during normal range operation, ensures reliability and extensive savings under particularly difficult operating conditions ie:compared to turbines of competitors.


Vario Nozzle

Maximum use of output is achieved by direct flow from the Vario nozzle onto the impeller.  At maximum and minimum nozzle settings, the full stream flows over the turbine's impeller.

This way a high efficiency can be achieved with every flow rate with a low loss of pressure


Four-Speed Gear Box

Bauer produces all components for the gear box in the ISO certified production palnt in Voitsberg (Austria). This results in longer life span, high operation safety and constant quality.

The control with precise shifting gate and display for enables changing the gears in a comfortable way. The safety lock of the clutch lever prevents a change of gear with engaged drive in order to prevent possible misuse of untrained personnel.

The aerated drum brake is placed directly on the drive & ensures highest security during road transport. The brake adapts over different spring loads automatically to the different operating conditions and improper operation is excluded.



The drive of the Bauer Rainstar is optimised in every detail. This ensures highest efficiency, reliability and ease of operation.

The concentrated power of the turbine is transmitted without loss over a V-belt or directly to the robust BAUER 4-speed gearbox.  4 different transmission gear ratios ensure that the turbine operates at cost saving maximum efficiency and thus it is possible to reduce costs.