Products : Pumps


The following sections are a small selection of Pumps from a variety of proven & innovative pump manufacturers. If you cannot find a pump for your specific tasks at hand, rest assured there is probably a pump available for your irrigation system.

Pump selection is largely determined by pumping location, economics and system requirements. Factors such as:

Availability of Hydro (including Single & Three Phase),
Availability of a Tractor (for P.T.O. Pumps),
Fuel Costs,
Future Expansion.

For many growers, the choice of pump power is already determined. For example, if Hydro is unavailable and a tractor with sufficient Horsepower is also unavailable, then a diesel powered pump would be the best choice.

Often overlooked in pump selection is fluctuating water levels at the source. In a dry year, the water level in ponds or rivers may drop significantly. As the water level drops, the pump expends more energy lifting water which directly affects pump performance.