Netafim UniRam
  • Netafim UniRam

Uniram™ is the industry’s most advanced pressure compensating dripline. Its specially developed drippers operate with the poorest water quality, in the most difficult environments and irrigate the steepest terrains with the highest uniformity. UniRam is the most reliable dripline for surface and subsurface applications.

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UniRam Heavywall Dripperline operates in the poorest water quality conditions, in the most difficult environments and irrigates the steepest terrains with the highest uniformity. UniRam's self-cleaning, pressure compensating dripper is a fully self-contained unit welded to the interior wall of the dripper tubing. Both tubing and dripper are manufactured from high quality synthetic elastomers to withstand chemicals and fertilizers. The UniRam dripper contains a diaphragm that continuously adjusts to varying water pressure to ensure a constant flow rate. The diaphragm allows particles to pass through the dripper, promoting reliable performance an a longer system life. This continuous flushing feature & wide flow path keep drippers flowing at optimal rates without clogging or interrupting operations.

Product Advantages

Anti-Siphon Mechanism

  • Wide Compensating Range
  • Exclusive Non-Leakage (CNL) Mechanism (Optional) - Prevents system drainage when pressure is turned off at the end of each irrigation cycle.
  • Widest Flow Path – Ultimate Clog Resistance
  • Root Intrusion Barrier - Prevents roots from penetrating the dripper’s mechanism.
  • Large Filtration Area - Entire base of the UniRam dripper is made of filter inlets – flushing large particles from the dripper, eliminating clogging and maintaining an essential supply of water for uninterrupted operation.
  • Diaphragm - Made of chemical-resistant silicon.


  • For surface or sub-surface applications
  • For Agriculture, Greenhouse & Nursery, Landscape, and Wastewater
  • Ideal for high-frequency irrigation in undulating terrains
  • For poor water quality conditions

UniRam's is also available with pre-installed Vineline Rings.  Vineline Dripperline Rings attach easily to 12 to 13 gauge wire and are adjustable. Rings are installed downslope from emitter, this prevents water travelling along the Vineline.

UniRam's optional CNL Mechanism prevents line drainage at the end of an irrigation cycle, eliminating refill time. The CNL option is ideal for pulse irrigation.