Netafim Disc Kleen Auto Filters

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Netafim Disc Kleen Auto Filters
  • Netafim Disc Kleen Auto Filters
  • Netafim Disc Kleen Auto Filters
  • Netafim Disc Kleen Auto Filters

Fully automatic disc filters with polypropylene materials resistant to rust and corrosion from chemicals and weather. These filters utilize our proven depth filtration technology optimizing irrigation and saving water. A lower flushing pressure reduces energy costs. Quick installation and less maintenance mean reliable operation.

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Disc-Kleen filters are fully automatic disc filter capable of handling a wide operational flow range. The molded spine eliminates manual cleaning and the short backflush cycle means more uniform drip dispersal in the field. Polypropylene manifolds provide corrosion resistance. Factory tested and assembled - ready for hook-up and immediate operation.


  • Proven depth filtration through the entire depth of the disc ring
  • Non-corrosive, UV protected polypropylene materials resist rust & corrosion


  • For surface water containing algae and other organic materials such as reservoirs, canals, rivers and wastewater applications
  • For well water containing light sand (<3 ppm) and other contaminants

Filtration Process

During the filtration process, the water flows through the inlet manifold, through the filters and the inlet valves. The filter water gathers in the outlet manifold and flows into the system. 

Backflush Process

The backflush valve has two built-in chambers, the N.O. filter port and the N.C. drain port. Each port has its own valve seat, but they share a common shaft and diaphragm. The valve chambers are mutually integrated units. When one port is open, the other is closed, permitting the backflush valve to perform two modes of operation:

  • Filtration Mode: The valve permits flow from the inlet manifold through the filter, into the pipeline.
  • Flushing Mode: The valve closes the inlet manifold and opens the drain port, causing reverse flow through the filter, ejecting impurities via the drain port. 

Disc-Kleen Filtering are available with 2" or 3" filtering units. Backflush Controllers are sold separately (see Filter Accessories)