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BAUER irrigation booms are very popular worldwide, and with good reason, as they combine the mobility of the Rainstar with the irrigation quality of a Pivot.

Irrigation booms are flexible low-pressure systems that – together with a Rainstar – can be used ideally on smaller areas on the one hand and produce extremely even, fine precipitation on the other. This system is therefore perfect for crops that require particularly gentle irrigation.

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Bauer Irrigation Booms are an exciting alternative to watering with a Big Gun. Working exclusively with Bauer Rainstar Travellers, Booms provide an exceptional uniform and gentle rain to your crops. Irrigation Booms are ideally suited to new seed beds, and crops sensitive to the impact of water droplets. The AS-50 Boom works with Bauer Rainstar E Tavellers, while the AS-32 Boom works with Rainstar T travellers.

Folding out the boom is a quick and simple one man job. Booms are easy to move since it stays attached to the Traveller. When moving the Traveller and Boom within a field for multiple pulls, the arms do not have to be folded in. This reduces your set-up time to minutes, and saves from moving the Boom and Traveller separately.


  • One man to set-up and move
  • Uniform & gentle water application
  • Minimizes evaporation loss
  • Lower Water / Energy Consumption

The Boom pendulous construction and Balancing Weights hold the boom at a fixed height from the ground.  Even when running on uneven ground or a slope, damage to crop is avoided.


  • Both the AS-32 and AS-50 are available  with a variety of sprinkler packages for different spray widths as well as wind fighting patterns
  • 360 Degree swivel for irregular fields and obstruction (AS-50 only)
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment for tall crop clearance, 5' to 8' (AS-50 only)

We can help you choose Boom Sprinklers that best suit your field layout, soil type, and the changing demands of our crop