Briggs Boom
  • Briggs Boom

Ranging in structural width from 50 to 76 meters, Briggs four-wheel chassis booms are efficient, tough, reliable, and surprisingly versatile. Over 2000 4-wheel-chassis booms are in operation throughout the world.

Irrigated widths are from 50m to 96m depending on the choice of nozzle or sprinkler mounted on each end of the boom.

All are easy to operate, can be folded by one person in just a few minutes for transport, and can be operated with almost any make and size of the hose reel.

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Benefits of the Briggs Boom

  • Uniform water application gives far more even crop growth compared to raingun systems.
  • Using a Briggs boom can reduce water consumption by 20% or more compared with rainguns. 
  • High flow rates allow faster retraction, enabling large areas to be covered in less time. 
  • Controlled droplet size reduces soil damage. Large droplets can be selected to reduce drift while fine droplets can be used to minimise damage to very delicate crops.
  • Less impact from small droplets also reduces soil capping and soil erosion.
  • Low pressure operation reduces pumping costs (less energy absorbed) and puts less strain on the pipeline.