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AlphaDisc™ combines precise depth filtration high dirt-holding capacity, a smart controller for precise performance data, and a unique, easy-to-scale modular design. Adapt your changing flow rate and water needs with ease with Netafim’s AlphaDisc™.

Ensure system longevity with clog and partial clog prevention technology. Enjoy better ROI, cost-savings, and peace of mind with Netafim’s AlphaDisc™.


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Disc filters comprise a series of grooved plastic discs stacked together. Water passes through the pores that are created by the grooves while debris and particles that are larger than the groove size are trapped along the grooves. The size of the grooves gives a filtration grade from 25 – 400 microns.​

Disc filters are an excellent solution for filtering surface water systems containing a high load of organic materials, algae, silt and clay.

Activated by a predefined command (differential pressure or time), alternate units of the disc filter system go into backflush mode. The inlet valve is shut as the drain is automatically opened. During the backflush process, the compression spring is released and the pressure difference is eliminated. The spine piston rises up, releasing the pressure on the discs. Tangential jets of clean water are pumped at high pressure in the opposite direction through nozzles at the center of the spine. The discs spin free and clear, loosening the trapped solids. Solids are quickly and efficiently flushed out through the drain.